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‚ÄčAaron A. Kaplan is an internationally acclaimed symphonic film composer as well as an orchestrator, pianist, and songwriter. His music can be heard on radio, television, and film and his musical portraits continue to be widely acclaimed. Although Aaron is noted for romantic scores and melodic symphonic works, he also can compose music for any style or genre and his music has been used in a wide variety of movie and documentary film scores. Aaron lectures and teaches the healing aspects of music to organizations and schools around the world. For more information, visit his Biography.


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Aaron A. Kaplan

  • To Be In Love2:42
  • Got To Be You And Me4:03
  • High Strung3:38
  • We're Coming Home2:56
  • Pop Country Ballad4:10
  • Ascending To The Angels4:20
  • Road To Tijuana2:21
  • The Magic of Life2:54
  • The Chase2:05
  • Ariel6:12
  • Until The Shadows Flee2:30
  • Symphonic Fantasy7:50
  • Jacob's Theme4:42
  • Yitz Dream3:35
  • Deb N' Air9:46
  • Louise's Last Tango10:17
  • Love's Embrace6:59